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Cytostudio™ 1.4 public beta (24/3/2016)
  • Fixed some bugs that caused the software to crash.
  • Double click on plasmid variables switches between showing plasmid insert and plasmid backbone.
  • No more save dialog when signing out without an opened project.
  • The new-project dialog is now closed properly.
Cytostudio™ 1.3 public beta (2/2/2016)
  • Object Oriented Organisms Programming (O3P) support.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the software to crash at rare times.
Cytostudio™ 1.2 public beta (30/11/2015)
  • UI & UX improvements.
  • Assembly viewer improvements – nucleotides pie chart for each annotation and current strand id remains fixed after compilation.
  • Fixed a bug in the restriction sites map module.
  • Fixed a bug in the installer.

Launching Cytostudio™ 1.1 (public beta)


Launching Cytostudio™ 1.0 (private beta)